Music and Liturgy for Nuptial Mass

There are two formularies:

Rite of Marriage with Nuptial Mass (Liturgy of the Word, Rite of Marriage and Eucharist)
Prelude, Procession, Gloria, Psalm, Alleluia Verse, Offertory, Sanctus, Memorial Acclamation, Great Amen, Agnus Dei, Communion Song, Flowers to Mary (optional), Recessional.

Rite of Marriage outside of Mass (Liturgy of the Word and Rite of Marriage)
Prelude, Procession, Gloria, Psalm, Alleluia, Flowers to Mary (optional), Recessional.

Prelude – may be religious or classical in nature. (By classical we are referring to music of either an instrumental or choral variety that is without secular association.)

Procession: This can be divided into: Seating of Mothers, Entrance of Wedding Party, and Entrance of Bride.

The Gloria is sung at all Nuptial Masses except those that fall within the seasons of Lent and Advent.

The Psalm: Once you have chosen the text from the options, you may select from various settings, provided that the setting does not alter the words.

The Alleluia and Verse. Before the proclaiming of the Gospel, a trifold Alleluia is sung (except during Lent). There are many settings from which to select.

Offertory. While instrumental or solo music is an option, the ideal would be a hymn to allow for the congregation’s active participation. The hymn’s text should reflect the Gospel that has been selected for the Mass or contain themes of God’s love or the Eucharist.

Sanctus, Memorial Acclamation, Great Amen, Lamb of God. In order to encourage the active participation of the assembly, a setting should be utilized that is familiar to the assembly. If this cannot be achieved the setting may be selected based on musical preference, provided that the text is unaltered.

Communion Hymn: Hymn’s text should be concerning the Eucharist or unity. Solo or instrumental music is also an option.

Flowers to Mary: While not part of the rubrics but a tradition in this country following the Post-Communion Prayer, an Ave Maria may be sung or a Marian hymn from the hymnal may be used.

Recessional. A festive or triumphal instrumental piece of music is encouraged, although a hymn of thanksgiving or praise is a less preferred option.

Musician’s honorarium: Organist, $150. Cantor: $100. Instrumentalists may be acquired, but as these will be outside the church, their honorarium is at their discretion.

After having met with the priest and selected texts from the lectionary please contact the Music Director, Paul Campbell, to discuss the music or if you have any questions.

Thank you.